Waterproofing on a grand scale

Millions of square feet of waterproofed buildings, from basements to rooftops have been executed by us. Pashupati Waterproofing PRO is a master of the science and art of waterproofing. The very latest technologies and materials are combined with our skill and experience to deliver enduring waterproofing solutions on an industrial scale.

New age materials like polyurethane, acrylic coatings, PVC membranes, EPDM, PU foams, sealants and cutting edge technologies like carbon wrapping, crack stitching, injection grouting, micro-concreting, advanced thermal imaging and pressure testing as well as drone surveys - we have the expertise for every kind of challenge.

Reborn buildings

Our repair and rehabilitation division fully takes care of treating buildings to make them as functional as new ones. We possess all the technical craft to resolve the most tricky challenges to your enduring satisfaction dying and leaking structures, deep cracks, corroded steel, whatever the problem, from micro-concreting to carbon wrapping, we bring the appropriate technical solution to bear. The building thus reborn gets a new lease of life.

Areas we treat

Countless square feet waterproofed without
a drop of water getting through

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